A Conversation with Vince De La Pena aka “Vinnie”

Our guest this week is a former Pro-surfer turned entrepreneur. At the height of his surf career winning events and holding top rankings on the Bud Tour, he decided top pass up the money and fame to start an amazing brand called Ezekiel. But being a visionary, and having gone thru A to Z to for a successful start up, he went for round 2 with the brand MADA. We all know how hard it is to create a successful business. When things don’t work out, the real life test is how you deal with adversity, conflict, and being humbled. This guy put his faith in GOD, his skills, experiences, relationships, and positive attitude that he continues to have a and incredible career. He has been a HUGE asset over the years. He is currently the VP of Global Marketing at Vissla and we were so stoked to sit down with this smooth operator both in and out of the water, Vince “VINNIE” De La Pena!!!

One thought on “A Conversation with Vince De La Pena aka “Vinnie”

  1. Very interesting and entertaining Pod! Loved hearing the Scal surf history and how these surf brands got started and made it. Remember seeing Vinnie on covers of the mags back in the day! I am old (55)!

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