A Conversation with Vibe Desai aka “VIPESTER” – #1

Our guest this week is an Award-Winning Executive and Philanthropist with 3 Decades of experience. In the early 90’s he bought a surf shop and created the H2O Winter Classic, a surf and snowboard contest. He helped create and launch Red Bull’s Marketing Strategy in the US, and has helped numerous Brands, Boards, CEO’s, and Political Campaigns as a strategist and advisor. As a founding member of the Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Ocean which represents over 7,500 businesses on the West Coast, he has been presented 3 certificates of Special Congressional Recognitions for protecting our Ocean and Coastal Communities. His influence and contribution to our industry, the community, and the planet is unprecedented. We are honored and welcome the guy who’s put a whole new meaning to “a of quiver of Boards” Mr. Vipe “ VIPESTER“ Desai

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