A Conversation with Val Surf

This October will be Val Surf’s 57th year anniversary. A family owned business since day one. They have four locations: North Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, and Valencia. During peak seasons they can employ up to 80 people. It’s incredible to think about how many lives that have been affected by Val Surf over the last 56 years!!? Thanks to a father who supported a surf grom’s dream. Here’s to “Chief” Richards and all the fathers past, present, and future who help lay foundations to bright futures! Listen to this week’s episode with @wallymark and Brandon Richards.

This weekend we celebrate Fathers’ Day. Some of us have had fathers that surf and naturally pass the stoke of surfing down to their kids. L8night’s dad, Tony, has surfed most of his life, but Choccy’s pops, Exuperio, didn’t. Today we wanted to launch a special episode on one of the surf industry’s most iconic and beloved surfshop’s, Val Surf. When Bill “Chief” Richards saw how much surfing meant to his son, Mark “Wally” Richards, he made everything possible to support his passion. So when Wally came up with an idea to open a surf shop, Chief went all in! Listen to this week’s episode on Val Surf!

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