A conversation with Inherent Bummer’s Travis Ferré

My (Choccy here) father didn’t surf and I’ve always envied kids whose dads did. My Pops was AMAZING, so don’t get it twisted. But I can only imagine the joy of sharing the stoke between a father and son. Travis’s dad (@bricoracepaint) helped fuel the fire in him and his friends to surf and travel! Which is is exactly Travis has done! 

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It’s always smart to have a back up plan. @travi999 surfs really well but knew that he couldn’t make it as a professional surfer. But he was destined to work in the industry.He lucked out by meeting someone who introduced him to @eslate of @_surfingmagazine_ and worked as an intern while going to school. Under the tutelage of @eslate , @travi999 gained valuable experience that lead to him taking over the reins of chief editor on @eslate ‘s departure. Here is @travi999 at the tender age of 26 (looking 16) plotting the next issue’s adventures! Photo by @jimmicane . Listen to this week’s episode! Find us on @itunes.v @iheartradio @googlepodcast @spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts! #surfmedia #supportsmallbusiness #supportyourlocalshaper #supportyourlocalsurfshop #l8nightwithchoccy

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