A Conversation with Steve “CRABBY” Cabler

Our guest this week is a musician, artist, and surfer. He worked at Ocean Pacific and Gotcha as a graphic designer and later founded Epic Clothing in the 80’s. He has had multiple bands throughout his life, including El Centro and Uprising. His bands were featured and toured on the Warp Tour. He has even had a song appear on CSI Miami. His life forever changed on October 12, 2002, BALI BOMBING, when he lost his best friend Steve Webster. He had horrific head trauma, broken bones, burns across his body, loss of hearing, he was a warrior. He fought to save his friend’s life and others and made a way through the rubble to save other people. More importantly we can’t wait to hear about all of his talents, including music, art, writing, surfing and how he is inspiring others with his positivity. We welcome Steve “CRABBY” Cabler!! 

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