A Conversation with Shea “SHEA BIRD” Lopez

Our guest this week is a Floridian and formal Top 16 WTC Surfer. Growing up in Gulf Coast he and his younger Brother stormed the surf scene at an early age and never turned back. They were Weekend Warriors spending long hours in the car making their way across the state every weekend to surf. It shows the dedication and perseverance that clearly shaped the surfers they became. Spending teenage Summers in California he befriended the San Clemente Crew and became a standout in the Lost Crew. But, it was being deadly in a jersey, a hard charger in heavy surf, and his progressive approach that awarded him a standout on tour and in the Lost surf movies. But injuries eventually forced him off tour. He dove into his passions, to become a Shaper, Surf Coach, and mentor to pay it forward to the next generation and help spread the stoke of Surfing. We welcome this Father, Fisherman, Shaper, and Activist of commonsense and doing good in this world Mr. Shea “SHEA BIRD“ Lopez.

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