A Conversation with Shawn “DOLLAR” Dollar

Our Guest this week is another Mad-Man from Santa Cruz. He holds 2 World Records for Big Waves 55’ foot wave at Mavericks in 2010, and 61’ foot wave in 2012 at Cortez Bank. He survived a life-changing head and broken neck injury which resulted in a massive Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) known as a Concussion. He soon found out through a SPECT Brain Scan that he has had also endured multiple other minor/serious concussions over the years from Big Wave Wipe Outs. Through his experiences and personal stories, he is helping others as a motivational speaker about overcoming Fear and signs of Concussion symptoms. He has a passion for photography and Art and is also a seasoned and successful Sales Rep in NorCal. working with Salty Crew, Reef, Creatures and many other Brands We welcome Shawn “ Dollar.“

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