A Conversation with Shaun “THE PRAWN” Tomson

Our guest this week is an ICON and LEGEND in the Sport of Surfing. He is one of the most influential Surfers and regarded as one of the 10 greatest Surfers of all time. He was an integral part of the “Free Ride” Generation along with Wayne “RABBIT” Bartholomew, Mark “MR” Richards, Ian “KANGA” Cairns, and Peter “THE MATE” Townend, as the First Serious Professional Surfers which helped lay-out the blueprint for Professional Surfing as we know it today. He had an impressive Surfing Career with 19 major professional wins. He founded, managed, and sold 2 multi-million-dollar brands, Instinct and Solitude. He is also an Author, Motivational Speaker, and ambassador for Surfrider Foundation. We welcome the 1977 World Champion Shaun “THE PRAWN“ Tomson!!

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