A Conversation with Scotty “RAMBO” Stopnik

Our guest this week is an ocean enthusiast and has the natural ability to Rip on any kind

of Surfboard. He has deep roots in Surf, but he isn’t your typical Pro Surfer. His talents

go much deeper than just riding waves. He has skills on a skateboard, he draws, paints,

actor, stun-man, and I heard has a keen eye for spotting gems at the flea markets. But,

aside from all that, it’s his passion of Motorcycles that has made him unique and

marketable in our industry with signature products. Co-founder of Cycle Zombies, he

has been able to create a business…….creating and customizing vintage bikes! And

doing all this while raising 4 kids. We welcome the super talented, super hustler, and

super dad to the show…. Scotty “ Rambo “ Stopnik.

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