A Conversation with Rob “Barn” Roskopp

Our Guest this week is a Legendary Skateboarder with one of the most iconic graphics and successful SANTA CRUZ SKATEBOARDS models of all time. When you think of @santacruzskateboards , you think of this guy. Featured in the Legendary film “Wheels of Fire” he quickly became a standout in the industry. But, he gave up the pro-skate lifestyle and went on to study Business at San Jose State. In 1993, this businessman, visionary, and entrepreneur partnered with Rich Novak to create Santa Cruz Bicycles @santacruzbicycles . In the last 30 years they continue to be one for the most influential and innovative brands in the Mountain Bike industry. We are pumped and honored to hear his story and we welcome to the show Rob “BARN“ Roskopp @rob_roskopp!

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