A Conversation with Rob Machado aka “The Mob”

Our guest this week was a Competitive Assassin before becoming one of the most prolific FREE SURFERS ever!! This former @wsl WORLD Surf League tour competitor was one of the few surfers able to challenge @kellyslater Kelly Slater for a World Title! He has won multiple tour events including the prestigious PIPELINE MASTERS! At the top of his game, a world title contender, had a controversial injury wild card vote that didn’t go his way. It forced him to re-evaluate his priorities. With the support of his sponsors, his marketability, unbelievable talent, and unique style he still easily became one of the most successful surfers of all time. We welcome the modern day Gerry Lopez, Mr. Zen himself, and definitely one of our favorite surfers…… Rob “THE MOB” Machado!!!

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