A Conversation with Ricky “ROCKY POINT” Irons

Our guest this week comes from a very talented Surf rich family from Hawaii.  Following his Dad’s footsteps, he was also as a charger in big surf and a standout at Pipeline at an early age. He had the ability to go on the Pro Tour, but opted to move to the mainland and go to Point Loma. After earning his degree he spent 15 years at Surfer Magazine, eventually running the magazine the last 7 of those years. He helped launching the dot.com side of the business including Fantasy Surfer (which we Love) and over-seeing Surfer Poll Awards.  He then went on to work at Dragon Eyewear as Global Brand Director for his next 8 years of his career, where he lead go-to-market strategies, retail/marketing campaigns, and was a key participant in the acquisition of the brand. But, as the Surf industry has gone through many changes, it has forced a lot the Core, Authentic, and Respected people like our guest to jump ship to another industry.  For the last 5 years he has been a leader as an Executive Insurance Broker and Business Development Specialist.  We welcome to the show the talented Mr. Ricky “ROCKY POINT” Irons.

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