A Conversation with Pig Barber’s Dane Hesse

Some people figure out what they want to do with their lives at an early age. For instance, Choccy thought he would be a doctor or chiropractor. Yeah, right!? Our next guest is Dane Hesse. He grew up aspiring to a be lawyer. He got into Vanguard University to pursue his career, but fortunately he learned a different lesson. Listen to this week’s episode on Dane Hesse and how he went from becoming a clean cut three-piece suit lawyer to Pig Barber.

For whatever reason, Costa Mesa has been a hub for a slice of American culture. It’s where the infamous Cuckoo’s Nest is and punk rock bands like TSOL, Vandals, and Circle Jerks played who changed that generation. It’s also been the center of commerce for the surf industry, and where Pig Barber set up shop.

People Dane he needed to follow through and take the LSAT and pass the bar exam. He said fuck that, he’s going to do what he wants. We appreciate that rebellious spirit, and as surfers, we embrace that mentality. 

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