A Conversation with Peter “PIMP” Schroff

Our guest this week is an Artist, Designer, Craftsman, and is a World Renown Shaper. Born in Newport Beach and shaping his first board at 14, he then spent a lot of early years in Maui, and traveling to Australia for inspiration from guys like Wayne Lynch and Mark Richards. Many years of re inventing and perfecting the modern twin …….his timing couldn’t have been more perfect! The short-board evolution was in full effect, the Echo Beach Scene was on fire and his Boards were under the feet of the world’s best surfers. After 5 decades of living out his love for performance Art and having a successful career designing, and creating many brand campaigns

for Quiksilver, Gotcha, O’neill, and OP…. He has been back at the top of his game doing what he does best…. Shaping, Air-Spraying, Glassing and continuing on the craftmanship of Board Building in the USA. We welcome the ever stylish, the outspoken, the entertainer, and of course the Legend….. Peter “ Pimp “ Schroff.

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