A Conversation with Outerknown’s John Moore – Episode 2

At 24 years old JuanMas was happily working for Freshjive (@freshjive_la) doing what he loved: designing and creating. Out of the blue, a headhunter for a HUGE retailer, Abercrombie, gave Jon Moore (@bonfirebeachkids) a call. It went something like, “We think you’re a great fit for something we have coming up,” JuanMas says “No thanks not interested.” Abercrombie calls again and JuanMas asks his Dad if he should pursue it, “of course son you should at least see what it’s all about” his father responds. Listen to this week’s episode on Jon Moore to find out what he created with Abercrombie.

Jay Larson, John Moore, Lyndon Cabellon

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