A Conversation with Mike “ESTRATS” Estrada of Estrada Surfboards

Our guest this week is a Amazing Surfer and Shaper with over 30 years of SHAPING experience. As a young ripper, he was sponsored, competing and destined to be pro. he had no problem getting custom boards. But something sparked his interest about Board Building and in 9 th grade he striped the glass off and re-shaped an old board. Over the next several years he fine-tuned his skills, shaping a lot of boards for himself, his brothers, friends, and eventually started his own label/company at the young age of 22. He was mentored from some of the best shapers in the world include the late great Ben Aipa. RIP, Dennis Jarvis of (Spyder Surfboards) and Bill Cilia of (Nirvana Surfboards). He also shapes for T&C Hawaii, and has a full service glass/shaping factory in Costa Mesa and continues to crank out amazing boards under his label Estrada Surfboards. We welcome Mike“ESTRATS“ Estrada.

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