A Conversation with Michael “MICKEY” Nielsen

Our guest this week was a Pipeline / Northshore Charger back in the 80’s who made a name for himself as a standout and star in Quiksilver’s Performers movies. He rolled with a heavy local crew including good friends Buttons, Marvin Foster, and other Northshore regulators. He is one of the locals that was definitely the one YOU didn’t want to cross “in or out” of the water. There have been plenty of dark stories, rumors, and stigmas throughout the years surrounding his involvement in Violence, Guns, and Drugs….. In which, most everything is public knowledge, including spending time in prison. But, unlike most that go down the wrong path, he was able to turn his life around and is a contributing citizen to society and continues to work at Quiksilver. We are looking forward to this episode and welcome Michael “Mickey“ Nelson.

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