A conversation with Louis Carreon aka “Lou”

Our guest this week is a Surfer, Skater, Photographer, & ARTIST. At 16 years old he was on his way to do great things in all of these fields, but life took a turn for the worse. He dropped out of high school , became a drug addict resulting into two years in prison for drug related charges. But his story didn’t end there. It was during his incarceration where he managed to heal himself and focus his skills through ART. Finding peace and immersing himself in his work, pulling inspiration from his passions, travels, and along with his colorful past, translated it all into his artwork. He has had solo exhibitions and has been commissioned by some of the most recognized venues such as The Soho House and The Viper Room. He has even had an NBA Sneaker collab, has painted The Stanley Cup for the Chicago Black Hawks, and even beautified a 12 seater Private Jet!! We are stoked to sit down and welcome Louis “LOU” Carreon to the podcast!!

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