A Conversation with Josh “CHARMONY” Harmony

Our guest this week was a Professional Skateboarder, an Artist, Musician and Surfer. Turning pro at 17, he has had a very successful 20 year career. He made a name for himself applying his stylish and unique approach to difficult and technical tricks on large handrails which was showcased in some of the industry’s biggest videos and on countless magazine covers. But going big, time and time again, resulted in heavy injuries including a hip replacement and several knee surgeries. Being sidelined and in recovery, he focused his time on his passion for music and art. You have seen his artwork on Toy Machine Decks and is a part of the RVCA “ANP” Artist Network Program, as well as being showcased in galleries around the world. He is also a self-taught musician that has released several solo albums and has had songs in multiple Skate and Surfing Movies. He is currently employed at Vans as a Wholesale Marketing Coordinator for California and Hawaii. We welcome the ever talented and amazing human Mr. Josh “CHARMONY” Harmony.

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