A Conversation with Joe Bard of Banzai Bowls

We sat down with Joe Bard of Banzai Bowls to hear how a kid from Whittier, Ca became a surfer and a successful business man!

In 2009, Joe Bard convinced his wife, Tiana Bard, that they should start their own business. “I googled ‘how to start a business’ to see what steps you would take before you contact a bank for a loan.

1. Conduct market research.

2. Write your business plan.

3. Find your business.

4. Pick your business location.

5. Choose your business structure.

6. Choose your business name.

7. Register your business.

8. Get federal & tax ideas.

9. Apply for licenses & permits.

10. Open a business bank account.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear which of these steps that Joe and Tiana Bard may or may not have done before starting Banzai Bowls!

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“The Sign”. @banzaibowls “It was one of those things you could feel was right. But ultimately we knew if it was meant to be, the Lord would make it happen. Two days later we saw a “for rent” sign in what would be our first store on 17th Street in Costa Mesa. But there was a problem:the landlord told us the previous tenants left everything behind and we’d need to do a total renovation. We knew we couldn’t afford anything like that so we crossed our fingers and opened the door to the store. What we found was a miracle. The old tenant left everything we needed: chairs, tables, refrigerators, and counters. All we had to do was clean & paint. How do start a business with no college education, no start up capital, no assets, no business plan, no experience? @banzai_bard @tinaners NO PROBLEM!! Listen to this week’s episode with @banzaibowls ! Find us on @itunes @spotify @googlepodcast @iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts! #entrepreneur #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness #supportyourlocalshaper #supportyourlocalsurfshop #l8nightwithchoccy

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