A Conversation with Jeff “NOVY” Novak

Our guest this week grew up in the South Bay and was part of an All Star Local Crew including Chris Frohoff, Ted Robinson, and Kelly Gibson. He spent his early years as a Pro Surfer traveling the world on the ASP tour. But, it must have been his good surfer looks, or the crew he hung with, because like other surfer’s we have interviewed, this guy also subsidized his income by appearing in National Television Commercials. With years of being on both sides of the lens, having the love for photography, a visionary eye, and an artistic background, it is to no surprise he has created a successful photography career. His credits including compelling magazine covers, celebrity editorials, fashion, and music, with a Grammy Award Nomination for Album Cover for “Tool – Aenima” ON-A-MUH”. We welcome the talented Jeff “NOVY“ Novak.

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