A Conversation with Jason Schneidman aka “Schneidy” aka The Mens Groomer

Our guest this week is a celebrity hair stylist from Venice Beach. His Hollywood clientele is impressive….Jonah Hill, Bruno Mars, Rob Lowe, James Corden, and Hugh Jackman to name a few! He has been featured on KTLA, NBC, CBS, and Men’s Health! His barber shop is the ideal place to hang on a Saturday to work, drink coffee, and leave a happier and more handsome man! But there is much more to his story than making ridiculously good looking people look better. At 30 years old he hit rock bottom. He was a drug addict, homeless, and spent about 4 years in and out of recovery. It wasn’t until he gave a homeless alcoholic person a haircut, that he found a purpose. That purpose is HELPING OTHERS. He found sobriety, success, and fame. He now uses his notoriety to help others and it is his mission to help people get off the streets through his non profit 501C3 foundation. From celebs to homeless, we welcome the ever inspiring THE MENSGROOMER Jason “THE MANE MASTER” Schneidman!!!!

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