A Conversation with Jamey “BUCCLIFE” Stone – LowTide MFG

Our guest this week is a Surfer/Skater or he might be a Skater/Surfer! Either way, he rips and has deep roots in both. From an aspiring pro surfer to hanging and loving the skate scene, he parlayed his passions into some great industry jobs including Transworld Skate, Surfing, and Skateboarding Magazines. He was an early investor in Brixton and also got in the restaurant business in 2013 and Co-founded “Privateer Pizza” with good friend Charlie Anderson. With his knowledge in Media, he continues to Write and Publish “The Osider Magazine”…. a Local Oceanside Publication. But somehow this Animal still had more time on his hands and with his industry experiences he created and launched in 2018, a Surf Accessories Brand called “LowTide MFG” that is focusing on Traction Pads and Leashes. We are pumped and excited and welcome our buddy Jamey “BUCCLIFE” Stone.

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