A Conversation with Jack Grisham of TSOL

Our guest this week is an incredibly talented artist, writer, singer, and musician. He ran for Governor in 2003??!! He writes, books/novels, and he practices hypnotherapy! He has been sober since 1989 and has helped countless others battling addiction through his own experiences and his writings on recovery. But before all the goodie two shoes stuff, he grew up in Long Beach as a rebellious skater, surfer, and bad ass punk rocker heavily into music and drugs at an early age. In high school he and his good friend Todd Barnes stole a girl friends guitar/amplifier and the rest is history. Punk Music was forever changed and so were SURF movie soundtracks. We welcome one of the most OG influential PUNK ROCKERS of ALL TIME ‘TRUE SOUNDS OF LIBERTY” TSOL Jack Grisham!!

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