A Conversation with IPD’s Bill Hurley and Mark Simpson aka “Simmo”

Our 2 guests this week are part of the Hurley Family Dynasty. With Decades of experience, these 2 saw an opportunity in the surf industry and launched a Clothing Company that was originally a surfboard building brand started by Bob Hurley in 1980 called “International Pro Designs” IPD. The mission of IPD is to reignite surf culture through surfing, by having fun, riding waves and celebrating everything that made us fall in love with this sport and lifestyle. We welcome William “Bill” Hurley and Mark “Simmo” Simpson.

About IPD:

Founded 2020 by an experienced and diverse group of industry veterans led by Bill Hurley and Mark Simpson, the IPD team consists of life-long surfers and like-minded individuals longing for something authentic and with deep ties to surfing. The team envisions speaking to surfing as a community rooted in surf shop culture and appealing to surfers of all ages.

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