A Conversation with Huntington Surf & Sport’s Aaron and Taylor Pai

1979 is when Aaron Pai took over the reins of Huntington Surf & Sport. HSS is where L8night (Jay Larson) met Choccy (Lyndon Cabellon), so it’s fitting that we start with the iconic surf shop in our first ever episode with Aaron Pai and Taylor Pai.

Pioneer Aaron Pai during the early days of starting Huntington Surf & Sport on Main Street in Huntington Beach, CA
Lyndon Cabellon and the legendary Brad Gerlach
Early days of Huntington Surf & Sport
Andy Irons carving his name in history on Huntington Beach’s Walk of Fame on Main Street. Aaron Pai assisting!
Kelly Slater signing autographs outside of Huntington Surf & Sport
Ben Will, a veteran Huntington Surf & Sport employee

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