A Conversation with Hans Hagan aka “HAUS” from Mauli Ola Foundation

Our guest this week is a damn good-looking dude from Laguna Beach. He had a successful Pro Surfing and Modeling career. He has traveled the world doing contests, free surf trips writing articles, producing movies, and photo trips for the surf magazines. He loves surf culture, has deep roots in surfing community, and has made it his life mission to give back to others. In 2012, he took the Executive Director role at the Mauli Ola Foundation, which helps people with Cystic Fibrosis through surfing. He is an Event Planner and fundraiser for Breast Cancer and helps produce the North Shore Benefit Concert. He is One Amazing Human in which we can all learn something fromā€¦.. We welcome Hans ā€œ Haus ā€œ Hagan.

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