A Conversation with Dr. Tim Brown and Taylor “T-BONE” Knox_ Mindset & Movement Master Class

We have two incredible guests this week who have been working together for the last couple of decades. One of them we have already had on the show. He is a Former World Tour Surfer and regarded as one of the fittest surfers on the planet. Our second guest is an expert in improving mobility and flexibility with over 35 years of experience working with the world’s most recognizable Athletes. He also holds multiple utility patents in the world of sports medicine and is Co-Medical Director for the WSL, as well as Sport Medicine and Performance Consultant for both Hurley and Redbull. They are collaborating alongside Dr. Michael Rintala, who specializes “DNS” Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Matt Griggs, a renowned speaker, trainer, and coach. Together, all four of these amazing humans will be offering a Surf Technique, Meditation, and Wellness seminar called “Mindset & Movement Master Class” on September 16th in San Diego. We welcome to the show Taylor “T-Bone” Knox and Dr. Tim “The Oracle” Brown.

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