A Conversation with Daydream Surf Shop

This episode comes to us at the perfect timing. Hundreds and thousands of surfers over the years have competed in the NSSA program. The grom with the Oakley shades and tee is Kyle Kennelly. He surfed the NSSA throughout his adolescence! The NSSA not only grooms you to be better surfers, but it also teaches kids to be better humans and citizens. Yesterday, Janice Aragon was inducted into The Surfers Hall of Fame at Huntington Surf & Sport for her role in enhancing, cultivating, progressing and improving generations of surfers lives through the NSSA. I’m sure she had a small part in making Kyle’s Daydream Surf Shop come true! Listen to this week’s episode with Kyle Kennelly and Becca Mantei of Daydream Surf Shop!

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