A Conversation with Dave Nelson of Nelly’s Magic Moments

We spoke with skater, surfer, and world renown photographer  Dave “NELLY” Nelson aka NELLY’S MAGIC MOMENTS.

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Do surfers pee in their suits? Yes they do. In this case @adam_replogle , was already suited up and frothing to get out there and surf. @nellysmagicmoments suggested that they go to another location because the sandbar and conditions might be better for photos. Adam, in REBELLION, decides to pee in his suit thinking that would stop the change in scenery. I’ve driven in my wetsuit before ( maybe even after getting wet) but driving in your own PEE??!! Looks like it paid off though. Listen to this week’s episode!! Find us on @itunes.v @spotify @googlepodcast @iheartradio @stitcherpodcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts!! #nellysmagicmoments #dualperspectivebook #santacruz #surfphotography #entrepreneur #supportsmallbusiness #supportyourlocalshaper #supportyourlocalsurfshop #l8nightwithchoccy

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