A Conversation with Conner Coffin aka “C-STER”

Our guest this week is world tour surfer that grew up in Santa Barbara. People say there is something special about that part of that Coast of California because it produces Super Stars….. guys like Bobby Martinez, Dana Reynolds, and 3x World Champion Tom Curren. But it is to no surprise that our guest took a page out Toms playbook displaying speed, power, flow, and of course style that most surfer’s only dream to emulate. Aside from all his hard work and dedication….. I am pretty sure his Coach and Mentor….Brad Gerlach had a lot of influence, inspiration, technique advise, and overall development to help shape the surfer he is today. We welcome the ever talented, surfer, musician, entrepreneur, and Top 10 WSL Surfer…Conner “C-STER“ Coffin.

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