A Conversation with Bruce “BIRDMAN” aka “SENOR PLAYA” aka “MONSIEUR PLAGE” Beach

Our guest this week has an extensive list of accomplishments in quite a few industries. Specializing in Eyewear for 2 Decades, he was COO at Arnett in the 90’s and then onto Co-founding and was CEO at “Electric” which sold to Volcom for a Cool $25M. In 2009 he Co-founded a Tequila Brand Called “Peligroso” and sold that brand in 2014 for an undisclosed amount. Coming off a hot streak of successes, he Co-founded the apparel Brand “Depactus”, but as we know……not all business ventures work out and that Brand was unfortunately short-lived. But this player still has moves and Since 2016 he has been a Mortgage Professional and Advisor, in addition to being a Brand Manager and Consulting guru through his Agency “Senor Playa”. We are stoked to sit down with the one and only Bruce “Bird“ Beach.

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