A Conversation with Blair “Skid Kid” Conklin

Our guest this week is from Laguna Beach who just happens to be a three-time United Skim Board Tour Champion. Seem fitting right? But this hard charger pretty much rips on anything, Skimboard, soft-top, you name it, this guy has made a name for himself and is a stand-out at the Wedge, Wave Pools, and just about any beach he rolls up on. You probably seen his edits on Beefs T.V., Youtube, Instagram, or on his website. This guy embraces and defines what it is like to be a Wave Rider. A Lover of the Ocean who also just happens to have an environmental science degree from Berkeley. He works closely with Surfrider Foundation, Rob Machado Foundation, and Waves for Water. We are pumped to sit down and welcome Blair “Skid Kid “ Conklin to the Show.

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