A Conversation with Bill Sharp aka “Sharpee”

Our guest this week is a National Scholastic Surfing Association’s top-rated kneeboarder, earned a B.A. in business administration from San Diego State University, and got his first industry gig at Surfing Magazine in 1993 where he went from intern to Editor in a short period of time. Leaving the Magazine in 1991 he became Co-Owner Katin. Also working for K2 in the late 90’s, he is responsible for putting together K2 Big Wave Challenge giving $50K to the Biggest Photographed Ridden Wave…. it was a HUGE success! Taking his magazine experience…. In 1998 he started “Surf News” which covered the SoCal Surf Scene and other industry related topics. But it was when working closely with Larry “Flame” Moore (RIP) became the go to guy for putting together big wave trips like the Never before seen Cortez Bank. He later partnered with Billabong on the Odyssey project,  XXL Big Wave Awards, and WSL Big Wave Tour. We appreciate and are stoked to welcome Bill “SHARPEE“ Sharp to the show! 

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