A Conversation with Balaram “BAL” Stack

Our guest this week when not traveling and scoring waves, splits his time between his home in New York and Winters on the Northshore. He is one of the most creative aerialists out there as well as a hard charging barrel riding extraordinaire. His talents were discovered at a young age by Quiksilver during a summer surf camp and having early success on winning numerous amateur contests and air shows. It was to no surprise that Quik would invest and send him to Australia to train with legendary surf trainer “Mick Cain”. Results from training hard and pure talent… he won the wildcard to compete at home in the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York. With years of traveling and paying his dues in heavy hollow waves in places like Mainland Mexico, Tahiti, Fiji, and winters in Hawaii, he eventually made a name for himself in lineup at The Banzai Pipeline. You’ve seen him on Youtube, or one of his films “Stacked” or “Hail Mary”, or maybe on Stab Highway California and definitely on the podium winning the 2022 Van’s Pipe Master, we welcome Balaram “BAL“ Stack.

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